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The Truth About How to Fix Your Tendon P…

The Truth About How to Fix Your Tendon Problems

Busting Myths for Tendon Problems Myth One - Eccentric exercise is the best exercise for rehabilitating tendon. Whilst eccentric exercise (strengthening exercise where the muscle is lengthening) i...

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Why female athletes are more prone to kn…

Why female athletes are more prone to knee injuries and what you can do about it

What a wonderful start to the Women's Australian Rules Football season. It's been fortunate that the injury toll has been keep largely in check. There have been a few exceptions, namely: Natalie ...

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The Truth About Back Surgery

The Truth About Back Surgery

Back pain – it can rip your life away from you making your every position, movement and activity excruciatingly painful beyond your imagination. You can’t sleep. Dressing yourself is difficult if no...

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Why Hamstring Strains Occur and How to P…

Why Hamstring Strains Occur and How to Prevent Them

Hamstring, Hammies, Hams, or if you're feeling fancy you can use their latin names. Keep in mind there are three muscles that make up the group of muscles called the hamstrings, they are biceps femo...

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Concerned about your child’s backpack?

Concerned about your child’s backpack?

With children returning to school in the next couple of weeks, helping them make the right start to the year is critical. It can help them avoid all the negative effects that go hand in hand with pa...

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How to know if you are over-training and…

How to know if you are over-training and what to do if you are

If you are preparing for the Melbourne Marathon, no doubt your training has been in full swing. If however, instead of getting fitter and stronger, you are feeling more tired and lethargic and your ...

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Injured? In pain? Not sure if we can help?

Welcome To bodywise health

Personal Health Care Services & Body Therapies

Bodywise Health has earned a reputation for providing trusted, dependable, high quality health outcomes and sustained long term wellness solutions over the past 16 years. Whether you need treatment for arthritis, back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, chronic pain, a work injury, sports injury, foot problems, or in preparation for or recovery from an operation or child birth, you can rest assured that you will achieve the best possible health results in the most caring, personal and professional environment possible.

At Bodywise Health, you will experience:

  • Personal attention and respect with longer 30 minute, one to one consultations in your private treatment room;
  • Holistic healthcare with our comprehensive services of Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Nutrition, Clinical Pilates, Hydrotherapy, Dry Needling, Bodyflow Therapy, Real Time Ultrasound and more;
  • Better care and better results as your treatment is co-ordinated with your doctor and other members of your medical team;
  • Fast relief with treatment techniques that are guaranteed to immediate pain relief;
  • Sustained results as the causes of physical problems are addressed and remedied;
  • Individual support and encouragement with complementary information sheets, progressive exercise programs and access to ongoing phone advice and support;
  • Ongoing improvement in your posture and your ability to actively perform activities at home, at work and on the sports field with instruction in correct posture and movement patterns;
  • Lifelong wellbeing with health checks, clinical pilates and functional/sports conditioning programs, corporate health, school health, health seminars and physiotherapy and remedial massage optimal wellness programs;
  • Peace of mind with the Bodywise Health Guarantee that if for some reason you are not 100% happy with the quality of your consultation we will:
    • Give you a full refund for the consultation &
    • Give you your next follow up treatment session for FREE
  • So if you are injured or in pain, pick up the phone now, call us here at Bodywise Health on 1300 BODYWISE (1300 263 994) and begin your journey to living more vitally and fully. Your life is too important to waste another second. Let’s get started…

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Victoria. Australia 3188

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