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By Michael Hall

What makes one treatment more valuable than another? What is most important to you? What sets one health centre apart from others?

Not wanting to assume what people want, we have surveyed people over the past 17 years. The answers came back as:

1.Personal Healthcare
2.Fast Relief and,
3.Lifelong Wellbeing

Hence our motto, Personal Healthcare for Fast Relief and Lifelong Wellbeing.

This motto drives everything that we are about. At the end of the day, you, your care and your results are what motivates us.

So how does this translate across to treatment? At Bodywise Health, every word, every modality, every technique, every instruction, every exercise, every .... is about providing you with 3 things:

1.Giving you the knowledge that you are respected, valued and affirmed, no matter what;
2.Giving you fast relief and results that you desire;
3.Empowering you, so that you have choices in how you want to live your life.

The healthcare services systems that we provide and which will enable you to achieve what you want are:

Clinical Pilates
Dry Needling
Bodyflow Therapy
Sports Specific & Functional Exercise Rehabilitation
Remedial Massage
Lymphatic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage
Gait Scan Foot Solutions
Optimal Wellbeing Programs
Health Seminars

Individually, these treatment modalities are no different from many other clinics. It is how they are put together which makes Bodywise Health different. It is the soft tissue techniques, combined with the joint techniques combined with the advanced technology, combined with corrective exercise, combined with postural and movement correction combined functional conditioning / strengthening, combined with .... that sets Bodywise Health apart. Individually, these methods address but just one aspect of what is often quite a complex set factors leading to pain or dysfunction. Together, sequenced and implemented synergistically, these methods become systems of treatment which deliver results often above and beyond peoples’ expectations. This is what we offer you, care, service, treatment, training, education and results that are above and beyond your expectations. Finally, if you sign up to the Bodywise Health Research Report, you will receive the latest in treatment, optimal health and nutritional research. At Bodywise Health, we don’t just want you to be able to make better health choices, we want you to be able to make the BEST health choices.

For more information or for an appointment, please call Bodywise Health on 1 300 263 994.

Please note:

• Rebates are available through your private insurance extras cover;

• For complex or chronic conditions, you may qualify for the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program) allowing you to receive 5 allied health services each calendar year with a referral from your GP. For more information, please call Bodywise Health now on 1 300 263 994.


How We Can Help You

By Michael Hall

Personal Healthcare

Motivated by the understanding that optimal healing can only take place in an atmosphere of peace, safety and personal attention, everything at Bodywise Health has been developed with you and your well-being in mind. From the way that you are greeted, to your personal treatment program, to the after-hours and ongoing support, Bodywise Health has developed the perfect blend of physical, nutritional and psychological healing to ensure that you not only get better quickly and fully, but that you are able to live and perform at your highest level.

Not only will you receive the best of treatment, you will receive the best of care, as you are educated about your condition, why it has occurred and how we can best work together to achieve the most optimal and fastest recovery. And we will be there, each step of the way, treating, guiding, supporting, teaching, motivating and empowering you. At Bodywise Health, we have put the “care” back into “health care” and you at the centre of all that we are about.

Fast Relief and Fast Results

You want fast relief and fast results, at Bodywise Health we are obsessed with providing them to you. Every service, every treatment program, every interaction is aimed at maximizing your results in the most nurturing and empowering environment possible.

“Hands on” therapy, movement correction techniques and exercise rehabilitation are combined with the latest clinically proven equipment including bodyflow and gait scan, to accelerate your healing and recovery. And with the provision of an information sheet on your condition, a graduated rehabilitation program, telephone support and after-hours advice, you will have the tools to ensure that you experience the fastest and best recovery possible, guaranteed.

Lifelong Wellbeing

A solution for life – you may not have thought about how you will be, how you will look, what things you will be able to do and what things you won’t be able to do in 5, 10, 20, 50 years time, but at Bodywise Health we do. Our goal is not just to provide you with fastest possible results, but just as importantly, to provide you with solutions that are going to work for you for the rest of your life. We will FREE you from the limitations of your condition by empowering you with the knowledge, training, instruction and on-going support that will enable you to take back control of your health and life. With information sheets, graduated exercise protocols, instruction in posture and movement correction as well as access to information nights and even a telephone help line, essentially, you will be given the tools to take your health to the next level and beyond and you will have Bodywise Health guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

For more information or for an appointment, please call Bodywise Health on 1 300 263 994.

Please note:

• Rebates are available through your private insurance extras cover;

• For complex or chronic conditions, you may qualify for the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program) allowing you to receive 5 allied health services each calendar year with a referral from your GP. For more information, please call Bodywise Health now on 1 300 263 994.


Optimal Wellbeing Programs Melbourne

ergonomics physiotherapy
By Michael Hall

Is optimal well being a dream or a reality for you? Many people think that it’s about having the perfect body and the perfect physique. However, good looks don’t necessarily translate into good health or good function. Rather, optimal well being blends the harmonious interaction of ideal biomechanics with optimal control, strength, flexibility and fitness. And as with all aspects of the human body, physical health does not occur in isolation, but is intimately linked with many other systems of the body including the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems.

In everyday life, optimal well being may be experienced as a vitality and freedom that enables you to feel strong, confident and secure, with a reserve of energy that enables you to meet and exceed everyday demands.

Whilst this is a goal of Bodywise Health, our initial purpose is to help you overcome your physical problems so that you get to a position where optimal physical health is a possibility. What many people fail to appreciate is that exercising at the wrong time, in the wrong way and with the wrong intensity, may do more harm than good. Consequently, an initial objective might be reduce inflammation and protect against re-injury before promoting healing.

Once healing has begun to take place, then corrective rehabilitation exercises may be implemented to remedy imperfect biomechanics and optimize every day functional movement habits. Then, the best way to prevent further physical health problems is to stay in good shape, physically, nutritionally, and psychologically, that is, to live optimally.

If optimal physical health is to become a possibility for you, everything must be taken into account in treating, resolving and preventing physical problems,. Posture, movement patterns, muscle balance, muscle activation, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, stabilization, co-ordination, balance, strength, endurance, recovery / rest, stress, nutrition are just some of the factors that must be addressed if you are to achieve the physical results and lifestyle outcomes that you want.

Your treatment doesn’t stop with the elimination of pain either. It doesn’t end when your knee or back or neck or... is better. Your goals are OUR goals and that means you returning to, achieving and / or exceeding the lifestyle goals that you want.

To us, it is no good if your shoulder is better, but that you can’t play tennis, or that your knee is pain-free, but you can’t enjoy fun runs, if these are the activities that you want to do. Good health is more than just the absence of pain, injury or disease. It is about having choices to be and do the things you want, when and where you want to do them.

By treating and resolving injuries, aches and pains every day, physiotherapists are in a unique position. Having a detailed knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and pathology and being experienced in exercise rehabilitation and clinical pilates, gives physiotherapists the advantage of being more likely to know what works and what doesn’t, not only with fixing or preventing physical problems, but also with tweaking exercise programs so that they give better results.

Having studied heart, lung and neurological as well as bone / muscle treatment and rehabilitation, means that physiotherapists are able to draw on each of these areas to fine tune training programs and get achieve better health and lifestyle outcomes.

There are many examples of this specialized contribution to training, but some common ones include:

  1. The use of Real Time Ultrasound to assist in the activation of the deep abdominal (transverse abdominus) and lower back (multifidus) to provide better low back stability;
  2. The use of biofeedback to help activate the inside quadriceps muscle (vastus medialis oblique) to get better knee control and strength;
  3. Analyzing and correcting shoulder blade movement to improve the effectiveness and strength of lifting the arm overhead;
  4. The use of Swiss balls came from the physiotherapy treatment of children and then was applied to strength and conditioning exercise programs;
  5. Educating and instructing in correct posture, movement patterns and every day functional activities such as standing, walking, squatting, lunging, lifting etc. both from a corrective and preventative point of view.

Physiotherapists are not just on about how long, how fast, how strong, how powerful a movement is. More importantly, physiotherapists are on about HOW WELL the movement is performed.

Physiotherapists view movement quality as important as movement quantity, because it often poor movement quality that leads to mechanical stress and physical injury. And not only that, but poor movement quality will often mean that a movement will have less endurance, speed, strength, power anyway. Good posture and optimal quality of movement is the foundation upon which good performance is based. You cannot have one without the other.

At Bodywise Health, you can participate in specialist exercise programs designed to address conditions such as:


•Neck pain

•Back pain



•Sports injuries

These programs are delivered via the exercise mediums of:

Clinical Pilates


Sports specific and exercise rehabilitation exercise programs

Whilst “hands on” treatment provides short term relief, exercise rehabilitation and training reinforces these gains making them more permanent. As an athlete’s body adapts to the training that they undertake, so can your body adapt to your treatment and training program so that you can overcome and prevent causes of your problem. Hence, it is only corrective exercise with postural / movement correction reinforcing “hands on” treatment that will give permanent relief and better long term functional and sporting performance.

Finally, if you subscribe to the Bodywise Health research newsletter, you will receive fortnightly articles, tips and research on current and the latest in treatment and optimal health. This knowledge will help give you the power to make better health choices, so that you can live a better life and that is optimal physical heath is all about.

For further information on how you can benefit from Bodywise Health Optimal Well Being Programs or for an appointment, please call Bodywise Health on 1 300 BODYWISE (263 994). We look forward to helping you achieve outstanding results.

Please note:

• Rebates are available through your private insurance extras cover;

• For complex or chronic conditions, you may qualify for the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program) allowing you to receive 5 allied health services each calendar year with a referral from your GP. For more information, please call Bodywise Health now on 1 300 263 994.


Bodyflow Therapy Service in Melbourne

bodyflow therapy
By Michael Hall

“Post-operative swelling is the bane of my life” said one orthopaedic surgeon recently. He was complaining that whilst modern medicine has made great advancements with shoulder replacements, hip replacements, knee replacements, ankle replacements and in fact replacements for almost any part of the body, swelling, or the accumulation of fluid following surgery continues to hamper healing, impede recovery and limit the outcomes achieved.

The cause of swelling

Swelling (oedema) following surgery or injury is associated with the healing response of the body. This healing response can be divided into 4 stages - a bleeding stage, inflammatory stage, re-growth/proliferation stage and the re-modeling/maturation stage.

Swelling is primarily associated with the bleeding and inflammatory stages. In these stages, the capillaries (smallest blood vessels) become more permeable to allow white blood cells out into the spaces between the cells to defend the body against infection as well as to clear the area of damaged tissue so that new tissue can be laid down on a clean area. As white blood cells pass through the capillaries, so too does fluid (plasma), causing the area to expand (swell).

The problem of swelling

The problem with swelling is that as that it can:

  1. Increase the pressure (hydrostatic) in the area so much that it shuts down the circulation and hinders the supply of oxygen and nutrients so essential for healing;
  2. Create an acidic environment, leading to the breakdown of protein and impede the laying down of new tissue.

The inflammatory stage however, is also essential to healing as the complex chemical interactions associated with it help to protect and clear the area of damaged tissue whilst also stimulating the re-growth/proliferative phase, the next stage of healing.

Is reducing inflammation the answer?

Inflammation can be reduced by a number of strategies. These include:

  1. Corticosteroid and steroid medication;
  2. NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication;
  3. Creams including corticosteroid, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and “natural” (arnica) creams;
  4. Cold therapy including ice packs, ice massage and ice baths. Whilst these strategies attempt to dampen the activity of the immune cells and enzymes that breakdown tissue, they also slow down the healing rate. Steroids and NSAID's for example have an inhibitory effect whilst cold packs slow the rate of metabolism.

Is there a better way?

Dealing effectively with swelling falls into two categories:

  1. Preventing the build-up of swelling in the first place, and;
  2. Mobilising or moving the fluid so that it doesn’t accumulate;

One way to prevent fluid from building up is to physically compress an area with a bandage, compression stocking (e.g. TED stocking) or other compression garment (Jobst garment). By swelling, compression aids in circulation and thereby hastens healing, improves the repair and accelerates recovery.

Another way of preventing swelling is to ensure that the channels that carry the fluid (lymphatic vessels) remain open and viable. This fluid can then be encouraged by the use of precise massage techniques called lymphodema massage. This involves gentle stroking and “milking” of the fluid in certain directions to encourage optimal flow, better circulation and maximum exchange of nutrients and waste products.

Whilst lymphodema massage is very effective for reducing swelling in itself, its effect is enhanced further when it is combined with specific bandaging and specialized pressure garments (Jobst garments). The combined techniques of lymphodema massage and compression bandaging is called Lymphatic Drainage and it has been proven to massively improve the repair and post- surgery and post injury outcomes.

Bodyflow therapy, the ultimate answer?

Probably the only down side of lymphodema massage and Lymphatic Drainage is the reliance that it creates on a therapist to perform the techniques. New technology has gotten around this down side by enabling people themselves to be able to move fluid, improve circulation and therefore healing with Bodyflow.

Through electrical stimulation, Bodyflow causes the contraction and relaxation of the smooth muscles in arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels, making them squeeze and release. This pulsing, forces fluid along the vessels, thereby eliminating swelling, improving circulation and optimizing metabolite exchange. Like lymphodema massage, it creates the best possible environment for repair and like Lymphatic Drainage, it can be combined with compression bandaging, stockings and garments.

The advantage of Bodyflow is that it can be performed in the convenience of your own home (or any location), at any time you want and as many times as you want. For best results, twice a day for 20 minutes is recommended.

Already, Bodyflow has been proven to recovery following intense training as well as reduce the stay in hospital by two days following knee replacement surgery. In fact, so good are the results of Bodyflow Therapy that four weeks of Bodyflow Therapy post-surgery is now being mandated by many orthopaedic surgeons across Melbourne.

Bodyflow Therapy is also used by elite sporting clubs such as Collingwood and Carlton and even by the Great Britain Olympic Team to speed up recovery following intense physical exertion thereby enhancing physical adaptation and physical performance outcomes. It is therefore likely that it could help you to achieve a better, faster recovery from your injury, surgery or sporting event.

Bodywise Health is one of a select groups of health-care facilities in Bayside Melbourne to provide Bodyflow Therapy to people in the Bayside suburbs of Hampton, Brighton, Elwood, Elsternwick, Sandringham, Highett, Cheltenham, Black Rock and Beaumaris and more generally Melbourne.

Bodywise Health may also be found by googling Bodyflow Melbourne, Bodyflow Bayside, Bodyflow Hampton, Bodyflow Brighton, Bodyflow Highett, Bodyflow Sandringham and Bodyflow Cheltenham.

Whether you are an athlete striving for personal bests or a patient concerned about achieving the best health outcome following injury or surgery, Bodyflow Therapy has the proven research evidence to show that it can help take your health to the next level and give you a physical performance edge.

Whatever your health circumstances, if you want the best possible physical health results, give Bodyflow Therapy a trial. You will be glad that you did.

For more information or for a trial of Bodyflow Therapy, please call Bodywise Health on 1 300 263 994.

Please note:

• Rebates are available through your private insurance extras cover;

• For complex or chronic conditions, you may qualify for the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program) allowing you to receive 5 allied health services each calendar year with a referral from your GP. For more information, please call Bodywise Health now on 1 300 263 994.

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