By Michael Hall

Walking, running and in fact every time you put your feet on the ground, involves a complex interaction of the joints, muscles and nervous system control of your whole body. It stands to reason therefore, that all injuries which involve having your feet on the ground, must involve an assessment of the activity as a whole as well as an examination of each muscle and joint involved in the process.

This is the physiotherapist advantage. Physiotherapists can analyze your standing, walking and running as a whole as well as break each movement down to its component parts. Physiotherapists can assess the mobility of joints, the strength of muscles and the control of movements, determine deficits and analyze causes. Not only that, but physiotherapists can then use “hands on” techniques to free up specific joints, loosen muscles and mobilize the nervous system, techniques all designed to create the optimal environment for healing. These techniques also make rehabilitative exercise more effective, which makes postural and movement correction more effective. Consequently, all the treatment that we perform at Bodywise Health is not just directed at getting your back, hip or knee better, but importantly directed at getting you back doing the things you love to do whether be hiking in the country, walking in the park or going for a run.

The problem

Up until this stage there have been two problems.

The first problem was that assessments often weren’t optimally objective, often involving observation or even video-taping a person as they walked or ran on a treadmill. These assessments still involved estimates of the biomechanics of the body.

The second was that assessments simply weren’t relevant. A plaster cast was made of the feet in sitting or standing, which had absolutely no relevance to walking or running. Therefore this type of assessment couldn’t adequately provide a solution for leg and body problems associated with these activities.

The solution

Gait scan has now changed all of this. Now weight bearing assessments are both relevant and objective. Gait scan scans each foot, measuring the amount and timing of pressure from each part of the foot at 300 times per second as you stand, squat or walk. This objective data has been validated and verified and an enormous data bank of information has been gathered in the 25 years it has been used in Canada. By comparing your gait scan data with the existing data and combining this with information gained through a clinical examination, accurate, objective clinical findings can be made not just for your foot, but for your knee, hip and even your back.

Gait scan is a fantastic tool which provides the objective clinical details needed to provide long term orthotic solutions for many physical problems. These include problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs (pain on the under surface of the foot), hallux valgus (big toe pain), meta-tarsalgia (toe pain), mid-tarsal joint arthritis, chondromalacia patellae (knee cap pain), iliotibial band fasciitis (pain on the outside of the knee) and many others.

Experience permanent relief, not just a quick fix

Gait scan orthotics permanently change the physical stresses on your body every time you stand. By doing this, they can permanently unload or eliminate the stresses on your painful body part, thereby providing permanent relief. Combined with “hands on” soft tissue and joint techniques as well as precise corrective muscle activation training, balance, walking/running and functional retraining, gait scan orthotics provide the ultimate in long term relief and improved physical performance of many activities.

So if you have a long term foot, ankle, knee, hip or even back problem, gait scan orthotics may be the answer that you are looking for. They may save you months of therapy and years of pain.

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