By Michael Hall,¬†Swelling is one of the greatest impediments to healing as it reduces circulation and the body’s ability to supply oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body.

Lymphatic massage assists healing by unblocking lymph (fluid) channels, and improving circulation so that the cells of the body can receive the essential supplies needed for repair and regeneration.

Lymphatic massage involves a complete system of gentle massage stroking to move swelling and improve fluid flow. This gentle therapy provides outstanding results in reducing fluid congestion due to poor blood and fluid flow as well as with joint swelling. It is especially effective for reducing swelling associated with chronic conditions, pre/post operations, facial conditions, lymph gland removal, cellulitis and poor circulation.

Lymphatic drainage involves complementing lymphatic massage with specialised compression bandaging and garments, that further prevent swelling. Together, these techniques provide wonderful benefits, not just in terms of improved healing, but with reducing pain, increasing freedom of movement and improving function as well.

Please note:

  1. Rebates are available through your private insurance extras cover;
  2. For complex or chronic conditions, you may qualify for the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program) allowing you to receive 5 allied health services each calendar year with a referral from your GP.

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