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By Michael Hall

Australia is a country of sports lovers and Melbourne is often called the sports capital of the world. In Melbourne, sport has a special place in our culture and lifestyle. Whether it be aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging, golf, tennis, soccer, netball or Australian Rules Football, Australians love to be involved in either watching or playing sports. An unfortunate consequence of this however, is a sports injury. Simply stated, a sports injury is an injury that is sustained while playing sport. A sports injury may involve muscles strains, joint sprains, stress fractures, knocks, bumps, dislocations, tendinopathies and overuse injuries. While there are some similarities between sports injuries and those sustained while doing other life pursuits, sports injuries do have some unique characteristics that make it a specialized field of medicine.

What are the similarities?

The location of injuries

For example, an ankle sprain sustained playing tennis is basically the same as one sustained falling downstairs.

The severity of injuries

No matter where or how an injury has occurred, there are three grades of strain (muscle) or sprain (joint). These are:

• Grade I – involves 50% or less of muscle or ligament fibers torn

• Grade II – 99% to 50% of muscle or ligament fibers torn

• Grade III – is a complete rupture of the muscle or ligaments

The healing pathway

No matter where or how an injury has occurred, the body will attempt to heal it by going down the same healing pathway. There are four stages:

1. Bleeding Phase: relatively short time immediately following injury;

2. Inflammatory Phase: where the immune system is activated to protect the body against infection and clear the area in preparation for the laying down of new tissue;

3. Proliferation Phase: which involves the laying down of the repair tissue;

4. Remodeling Phase: where the repair tissue is organized and normalized.

How sports injuries are different

However, sports injuries are also different in a number of ways.

1. The location of injuries with some being related to particular sports (e.g. tennis leg = calf strains; jumpers knee = patella tendinopathy; swimmer shoulder; tennis elbow; golfer’s elbow etc.)

2. The start and end point of the injury. In other words, the people sustaining sports injuries are likely to be “fitter” and they will likely need to be in better physical shape and need a higher level of rehabilitation to return to their sport than those people who do not play sport.

What to do immediately after a sports injury

You can save yourself weeks and perhaps even months of treatment if you correctly use the RICE principles immediately after sustaining an injury. Here’s what to do:

Rest - From aggravating movements

Ice - Apply ice or a frozen gel pack wrapped in a damp towel for 15 minutes every one to two hours to reduce bleeding, swelling and further tissue damage

Compression - Firmly bandage the area to control swelling

Elevation - Elevate your injury higher than your heart to reduce swelling

At the same time, you must avoid HARMing your injury, especially within the first 72 hours. That is, you need to avoid:





Sports injury treatment – taking the next step

Sports injury treatment must vary from other injury treatment programs in that the starting and end points require a much higher level of conditioning. What sets sports apart from other life pursuits is that the forces involved can be both extreme and varied.

Successful sports injury treatment must therefore take into account your physical characteristics and condition. In addition, successful sports injury treatment must also take into account the physical demands of your sport as these will often determine the type and severity of injuries that are sustained.

Your treatment, rehabilitation and training must then be geared to address and exceed the specific demands of your sport so that you have a reserve capacity which protects you when you are fatigued or your game goes to the next level.

The Bodywise Health Advantage

If you want the fastest healing, the best repair and the most complete recovery, Bodywise Health is uniquely positioned to assist you best. Bodywise Health is set apart from other sports injury clinics such as Sports Injury Melbourne, the Sports Injury Clinic Melbourne and Melbourne Sports Injury Clinic by better understanding you, your wants needs and goals.

Like Sports Injury Melbourne, the Sports Injury Clinic Melbourne and Melbourne Sports Injury Clinic, we use cutting edge technology and the latest evidenced based, proven treatment techniques to get you the best possible results in the fastest possible time.

For than 20 years, Bodywise Health has been delivering exceptional sports injury results to thousands of elite and recreational sports people in the Bayside suburbs of Hampton, Brighton, Sandringham, Highett, Cheltenham, Elsternwick, Elwood, Black Rock, Beaumaris and more generally Melbourne. With such a track record of achievement, you can have confidence that you will also experience exceptional results at Bodywise Health.

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Let’s get started...

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete competing at the highest level, the therapists here at Bodywise Health can design the perfect treatment and rehabilitation program to get you back to your sport fast.

Your recovery begins with the formulation of your optimal Recovery Action Plan. This includes a:

1. A comprehensive assessment to identify the sources, causes and healing stage of your problem as well as determine your physical strengths and weaknesses and the demands of your sport;

2. Clarification of your goals, concerns and aspirations;

3. The formulation of a treatment plan with an agreed timeline;

4. The implementation of the treatment program, with frequent re-evaluations to ensure

Your Recovery Action Plan is invaluable as it gives you peace of mind and a sense of certainty knowing that you are on track and to meet and exceed your goals.

If you want the best, fastest results; if you want the most optimal recovery possible; if you want to take your performance to the next level, call us here at Bodywise Health on 1 300 BODYWISE (263 994). We look forward to working with you so that you achieve everything that you want and more.

For more information or for an appointment, please call Bodywise Health on 1 300 263 994.

Please note:

• Rebates are available through your private insurance extras cover;

• For complex or chronic conditions, you may qualify for the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program) allowing you to receive 5 allied health services each calendar year with a referral from your doctor. For more information, please call Bodywise Health on 1 300 263 994.

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